Proteimax is a small biotechnology company founded in 2001 to provide products, services and technological innovation for the pharmaceutical industry, research institutes and universities in Brazil and worldwide, inserting itself in the productive chain of bio-compounds. From the outset, we believe that in order to be competitive in the global biotechnology market, working
in an adverse environment such as Brazil, it would be vital to have creativity in providing the market with novelty.


Respecting our philosophy, Proteimax has developed a young and dynamic technology that already reaches the world antibody market. And it has a successful team, with deep technical knowledge and experience in the search for new therapeutic molecules based on peptides, production of antibodies and creative solutions in biotechnology.

Proteimax is always working to be on the frontier of knowledge and find innovative solutions with great advantages, making our customers always ahead.

The Team

Prof. Emer S. Ferro

Andrea S. Heimann, PhD.


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