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Most of the adult population has metabolic dysfunction originating in chronic, high frequency consumption of processed food and carbohydrates. Some of those dysfunctions manifests in familiar problems: obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, and more. These problems exact increasingly devastating individual and societal costs. Epidemic metabolic dysfunction is being addressed with solutions from counting calories through appetite suppressants to gastric bypass. All of them have shown little efficacy and a lot of side effects. 


Peptide number 19, “Pep19,” was discovered in fat layers of mammals when exterior temperature dropped below 10 Celsius. Pep19 binds to receptors that trigger thermogenesis, the mechanism that is triggered by cold. It commands fat to metabolize itself for energy. Pep19 receptors for this peptide are found in fat layers of mammals, including humans.

Pep19 method of actionIn humans, they also exist in intra-abdominal visceral fat, which is associated with serious adverse outcomes in diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease to COVID-19 infection. The oral consumption of Pep19 reduces body fat and/or prevents fat accumulation and favorably regulates metabolic and anatomic parameters linked to type 2 diabetes, excess body fat, and others.



Pep19 MicePep19 as a natural peptide exists in micro quantities in foods, including hibiscus, papaya, meat, and others, It is a very stable peptide that can sustain transport through the gut. Pep19 can withstand boiling, cooking, baking, and freezing. It is not toxic or allergenic.

Pep19 operates only in white fat tissue; it does not get through the blood-brain barrier. Accordingly, it has no effect on the brain and does not affect appetite, mood, or behavior.

Proteimax is commercializing Pep19 as a food additive. The ability to provide a convenient, inexpensive, and non-toxic solution in the form of a functional food is a game changer for fat management. 

Pep19 has been certified Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS), a regulatory status reserved only to food grade molecules. Based on its voluminous characterization, the company has also received status as a Preferred Supplier to the National Animal Supplement Council.


In early 2023, Pep19 was formulated into 5 mg capsules by one of the the partners. These capsules are available online as the nutroslim brand. 

By formulating Pep19 into bars, snacks, cookies, beverages and more, Pep19 holds the promise to turn them into food that doesn’t make you fat.


PEP19™ is a formulated version of a naturally occurring peptide, constructed out of 10 amino acids, discovered by the science team of Proteimax in animal and human fat cells when external temperature.

Intensive research has shown that PEP19™ can help support healthy weight loss. PEP19™ dietary as a dietary supplement is intended to help adults lose unwanted weight by supporting the healthy function of adipose tissue.

PEP19™ supports the healthy function of the browning of white fat and can help users lose unwanted weight. This is significant as brown fat is easier to burn during weight loss. This process is associated with a type of cell respiratory chain uncoupling protein known as UCP1. White fat does not normally produce the substance, while brown fat does.

Weight management can be complex with no one size fits all solution. Unlike other weight loss products, PEP19™ targets fat directly without the brain signals for appetite loss or any hormonal manipulation. 
PEP19™ is an entirely new alternative backed with intensive research that shows it can support healthy weight loss with no side effects and without the need to change the course of life.

PEP19 ™ is self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). This means the product is considered safe by experts under the conditions of its intended use. Examples of other food ingredients classified as GRAS include Chamomile, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Tumeric and many more. 
*For more information on GRAS substances, please visit the Official Code of Federal Regulations website.

Proteimax is still evaluating the right dose considering gender, age, BMI, and other medical factors.

For now, our suggestion is related to the only available products in the market (capsules), that are distributed with 5 mg, and 2 mg dose.

2 mg of Pep19 per day is designated for people between 25 to 30 BMI, 5 mg for above 30, we also found that high dose is not effective on low BMI

Most users have seen results after 3 weeks to 12 weeks with continual use.

You do not need to alter your regular diet to take Pep19.

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November 2022:
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