What We Do


Proteimax Biotechnology Israel was founded and started operating in late 2019,
The company was registered in Israel on January, 2020 in order to commercialize the peptides discovered by its science team. Our vision is to improve life for millions of people and solve some of the most pressing challenges of our time by applying the power of our peptides.

The company is currently prioritizing and focusing on Pep19 followed by Pep44 and Pep51

  1. Pep19 – triggers thermogenesis and the conversion of fat to energy
  2. Pep44 – kills dividing cells, including microbes and cancer
  3. Pep51 – protects nerve cells from degeneration.

Hundreds of tests were done to show safety and elucidate mechanisms of action.

the company has decided to define a new meaning to “functional food” by approaching and formulating its first peptides as products in the food & beverage markets.

What We Do
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